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Andi Q. '25


> Name: Andi Qu

> Species: MIT student

> Occupation: Batteries includer

> Spawn Points: Johannesburg (South Africa), Simmons Hall (MIT)

> Likes: Indian food, computers, pigeons, magnetic materials, skating, origami

> Dislikes: JavaScript, time zones, seafood, cream soda that isn’t green, San Francisco

> Powers: Is left-handed, attracts cursed internet content within a 3-mile radius, can write lowercase xi (ξ)

> Weaknesses: Bees, pollen, uranium-235

> Backstory: Andi is the winner of three Olympic gold medals in archery, suburban mom of six adorable tykes, and collector of Colonial American pie safes. For all you know. After all, this is the internet, a virtual world that breaks down the distinction between fact and near-psychotic fabrication. Although you could probably check up on that Olympic thing.

> Developer Notes: I suppose this is the part where I give you actual useful information about me, so here we go! I originally planned to major in course 3 (materials science), but after a brief personal crisis, I’m now majoring in course 6-2 (EECS) and minoring in course 3. I always liked software engineering because it makes computers go “beep boop”, but I discovered at MIT that magnets and semiconductors also go “bzzt clang zing”, which is pretty cool. I love making (and breaking) things – I’ll build anything that brings smiles to my friends’ faces, from giant MBTA maps to cursed MIT logos. Hopefully, my blog posts will also make you smile! :D

(And just for reference, the “backstory” is adapted from Daria’s homepage on Virtual Lawndale – a now-defunct website about the ‘90s show Daria).