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Simmons Cat by Andi Q. '25

cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat

I love being back in Simmons after a long break. I get to hang out with friends in the 4AB lounge, eat dining hall food in Simdin, and rearrange the modular furniture like giant Lego blocks. Perfection itself as a dorm.

Well, maybe not quite perfection. After all, Simmons isn’t a cat dorm, so you wouldn’t find any furry friends (besides Kaito, the Heads of House’s dog) roaming the hallways. But we have plenty of cool stuff to make up for that loss! Like our famous ball pit and Gymmons, our–

Cat looking down from on top of a dresser


Wait a second.




Could it be? A living, breathing kitty cat in front of me? IN SIMMONS HALL?

A close-up shot of an orange cat


Omg, omg, yes, yes yes yesyesyes!!! My prayers have finally been answered – Simmons has a cat now! (And what a beautiful cat he is, might I add.)

Pspspspsps, come here, kitty!

Person petting the cat

What a soft boy

Oh my! He’s such a sweet little angel! And so friendly too! Could this day get any better?

Oh wait, silly me – I forgot to introduce myself! Hey there, little guy. I’m Andi. What’s your name?

Orange cat looking blankly ahead

No thoughts, head empty

Not one for words, huh? That’s okay. I think I saw a sign with your picture on the way in. Let’s see…

Door sign with cat

Wow, he’s a peer mentor too? He’s certainly making me feel at home in Simmons :D

Well, that’s certainly a unique name, but I like it! Great to meet you, Skateboard!

Sweet orange cat

Welcome to Simmons Hall, Skateboard, and I hope you have a great fall semester! Mine is already off to a great start :D

Me petting the cat

(Shoutout to Temkin ‘26 for letting me meet, photograph, and post about Skateboard! Without him, this post would not be possible.)

(Also, did you know Simmons will have not just one but six cats01 Actually there are probably more, but I only know of these ones for now this semester? It truly is the best place to live on campus.)

Edit: My inbox is blowing up right now with angry messages demanding that I also introduce some other Simmons cats. Without further ado, meet:

Yuri the cat

Yuri! (Apparently, he only understands Spanish)

Dumpling the cat

Dumpling! (The “void bringer”)

  1. Actually there are probably more, but I only know of these ones for now back to text