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Rona W. '23

MIT blogger Rona W. '21


I'm one of two Rona Wangs at MIT. I have heard a lot of virus jokes lately.

I have taken two gap years since I entered this nerd school and switched my major four times. My parents would very much like for me to eventually graduate. But I find this place too fun to leave.

Things I have done since entering MIT, some of which are documented in my blog posts: took a four-day-long train across the United States, worked in New Zealand for a year, signed a book contract with Simon & Schuster, gone skydiving, taught in Jerusalem, investigated a fire at my living group, made my own boba, tried to start my own boba business, got funding for my boba business but had to shut down due to COVID-19, made a meme that went viral, met the most amazing people I can now call my friends.

You can reach out to rona [at] mit [dot] edu!