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Amber V. '24

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My mom named me Amber after the stop codon in DNA.

I come from Tucson, Arizona, where cacti take the place of trees, and your feet blister on the pavement. Because of this I like green plants, rivers that flow all year round, and the sky before it rains.

Some things about me --

I went on a gap year with a huge backpack in Europe. Some of that year was spent at a writing retreat with a goat called Buttercup, where I milked about 2 quarts each day, which adds up to a lot of milk.

I like chemistry and physics, black coffee and Mexican fast food. I get excited about history and how Italian coffeemakers work, old art, cafes, the Killers, musicals, math, being in new places, and, for some reason, the French Revolution. I accumulate stacks of books I will never read, though I will always intend to. I run.

Also, I write. Fantasy novels, mostly, though I like short stories too.

I want to be a writer, and every writer needs a day job, and a slew of odd experiences to draw from. I think MIT will help with those.

Let's see how this adventure unfolds.