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welcoming our new bloggers! by Paolo A. '21 G

baby bloggers? baby bloggers!!

Summer has come and gone,01 in academic calendar only. it is definitely still meteorological summer. it was so warm last night and MIT is coming back to life. Students are back on campus, settling into their new dorm rooms for the year; classes are starting, with so many cool things to be learned; and as of today, the world has some new baby bloggers, all very excited to write for you!

After many hours of discussion and back-and-forth, we’ve selected seven new bloggers to share anything and everything about their MIT experience: what it’s like to take Thermo, or all the cool traditions in their dorm, or their favorite spots for lunch around campus, or their wild adventures Boston, or maybe even their journey of figuring out who they are :)

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Please give an extremely warm welcome to…

  • Ali C. ’26 of Arizona, who is walking to the end of the world (in Minecraft), has strong opinions about James Joyce, and thought about many things as she learned to swim in the ocean this summer
  • Allison E. ’27 of Hawaii, who once got 3,000 people to scream-sing happy birthday to a dog, lost (and found!) her phone after getting lost (intentionally) in Cambridge, and has many feelings about sending emails
  • Emiko P. ’25 of Missouri, who spent her summer building things that will go to the moon and looking for trash cans, formally elected mascot hype-woman, and varsity athlete to boot
  • Gloria Z. ’26 of California, who likes to devour niche fan wikis for video games she doesn’t play, turned a senior-year resolution into a love for the gym, and comic drawer extraordinaire
  • Jessica Z. ’27 of Pennsylvania, who keeps 1,206 (and counting!) memories in her Notes app, is interested in science communication so much that she was nerd-sniped by a WaPo article on fonts, and has a true connection to “Take Me Home, Country Roads”
  • Kayode D. ’27 of Kentucky, who makes board games for his friends’ birthdays, is possibly the biggest fan of Charlie Brown in the world, and will nerd out about Australian Survivor with you until the end of time
  • Uzay G. ’26 of France, who created a wiki filled with all of the things that he knows, found a deeper meaning in the need to commit when bouldering, and spent four days stuck in Toyko learning about Japan and himself

Keep an eye out for their first posts — coming soon to an admissions website near you!!

To everybody who applied to be a blogger: thank you. Writing about yourself is never easy, and we were honored that you chose to share your lives with us. This year, staff and senior bloggers read through sixty-seven applications, and there were so many talented writers we wish we could have taken. No matter what, we hope you keep writing, and hope to see you around (both on the Internet and on campus).

  1. in academic calendar only. it is definitely still meteorological summer. it was so warm last night back to text