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Paolo A. '21 G

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hiya! i'm paolo, hailing from reno, nevada. i don't really know how to describe myself, so here are three different attempts, because three is the largest number i can count to.
the past: i graduated from mit in 21 as a 14-2 (mathematical economics). i spent a lot of time in too many on-campus activities like esp, running science bowl competitions, and whatever else brought me joy in the moment. i loved teaching and education, and spent a lot of my undergrad time on the blogs figuring out exactly what i wanted to do with my life. i could be found around campus on my trusty a6 scooter, zooming all the way from next house to the economics department. i thought the orange is the best color.
the present: i’m a 3rd year phd candidate at mit studying the economics of education (for now, thinking mostly about gifted education, affirmative action, and mentorship). though no longer an undergrad, i stick around the blogoverse throwing up posts every so often and mooching off of snacks in the admissions office. i’ve recently gotten back in touch with my performing arts side, spending time in a cappella and a musical, with hopefully much more to come. i bounce around between too many different hobbies, including learning the accordion, puzzle hunts, trying to make random noises, and more. i can be found zooming around on my orange bike, tooling away in e52, or in burton-conner as a graduate resident advisor, where i get to meet and care for undergrads going through mit. i think orange is the best color.
the future: i don’t really know yet. i’ve always been a person who likes to introspect a lot, and like just having late night conversations where we never quite figure it out. i love learning about the different ways that people go through life; it helps me figure out better ways of going through mine. for now, i just try to do the things that make me happy. i don’t quite know where it’ll lead me, but trying to enjoy the journey has worked out alright for me so far. but i do now one thing for sure: i know that i will think orange is the best color.
i hope that when you read my posts, you learn a bit more about mit, the fun things that happen here, and most importantly, about yourself.
ps. reach me anytime at [email protected] (pronounced like the greek god! also it's me! i'm a paolo!)