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Kanokwan T. '25


What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Sometimes, it makes its way to Cambridge—at least, I did. Hi, I’m Kano. Let’s travel around. Where should we head?

Perhaps to Thailand, where my family is originally from. We can wade in the soft teal waters, indulge in the tasty delights of street markets, and come to understand why it’s dubbed the “Land of Smiles.”

Maybe we can go back in time to my gap year, when I learned 2 songs on the guitar, underwent a 10-day silent meditation retreat, and other fun pursuits. I enjoy leaning into my intuition and letting its ideas come to fruition whenever I can.

Next stop will be my dorm: Simmons (previously, I lived at East Campus, but it’s currently undergoing renovation). Here, you can find me doing mechanical engineering things (building stuff) and political science things (thinking too much about stuff), especially because I’m studying both. When I find small time pockets in the day, I enjoy experimenting with tea mixology and playing with polyhedral puzzles. One thing I like to do at night is firespin with my rope dart and dragon staff. One thing I like to do during the day is ride my bike, lovingly named Saph, aimlessly through the winding streets of Boston.

I’ll keep my favorite place on campus to myself, but I’ll at least take you to my second favorite: Guennette, 1977. It’s a quiet, geometric sculpture that lives in the heart of Killian Court. We could sit there at midday and gaze in awe of the Charles River calmly coursing in juxtaposition with the bustling campus. Complete stillness. Isn’t it lovely?

Alright. I’m not sure where we’re headed next, but I hope you relish the ride.