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What if I don’t have letter grades for some of my coursework or have chosen to take a class pass/fail?

At MIT Admissions, we understand that there have been many disruptions over the past few years. Some of these may have impacted your grading systems. We want you to know that we accept whatever grades your school can make available to us and consider them in the context of your school, whether that be letter grades, numerical grades, narrative assessments, or something else.

In some cases, you may have the ability to choose the type of grades you want to send us. Numerical or letter grades help us get a better understanding of your mastery in a subject. We encourage students to send those types of grades if they have them, because they help us make better decisions. Grades that are pass/fail give us confidence you have the minimum proficiency in a course to successfully pass.

Please remember that no matter which type kind of grades you send, they are only one piece of the overall application. We look at other factors such as testing, what your teachers say, etc., in order to understand your academic preparation for MIT. If there is an extenuating circumstance that has impacted your performance in a class, or a decision to take a course pass/fail instead of with a letter grade, you can use the additional information section on the self-reported coursework page to provide additional insight.

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