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Cami M. '23

MIT blogger Cami M. '23


Hi! My name is Cami and at MIT I studied media studies and computer science. I changed my major about 20 times before finally settling on this weird mesh of humanities and engineering and I've never been happier. Back when I was a student, you could typically find me in front of the Stud or lounging on the couches of Stud5. Other times, you'd find me across the river in my sorority house, Delta Phi Epsilon (aka the hussy house, aka delta phi housilon).

Outside of academics, I love watching Twitch streams to relax, with my favorite streamers being QuarterJade and NorthernLion, and playing guitar (poorly).

Now as for my reputation on the blogs, I've somehow earned the superlative of "most bullyable blogger", as well as a reputation for writing (what they call) petty blogposts about people who have wronged me.  I hope I am making Taylor Swift proud. When I'm not dragging people's names through mud and filth, I'm known to write emotional and sappy blogposts about my friends and family, complain about my crappy high school experience, and gush about how much better MIT is than high school.

If you wanna keep up with me, I blog now on Substack and I'd be happy to have you follow me along on my postgrad journies.