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Can I submit the MIT application with my QuestBridge application?

If you are named a QuestBridge Finalist, you do not need to submit an MIT application. We feel that the QuestBridge application provides enough information for us to evaluate students for admission. However, you will have to submit our MIT QuestBridge Supplement, which will be available once Finalists are announced.

If you are a QuestBridge Finalist that did not rank MIT, but you would like to apply for our Regular Action cycle using your QuestBridge application, you can do so, but must let us know in advance. Learn more about this process here.

If you applied for the QuestBridge Match but were not selected as a Finalist, you are still welcome to apply to MIT through our Regular Action cycle using our application portal. If you are not a Finalist, you must fill out the entire MIT first-year application.

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