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MIT blogger Cami M. '23

“So, what HAVE you been doing?” by Cami M. '23

less sad shit lets get a lil more hype in here

As per my previous post, I’ve been going through a lot of shit! But there’s also a lot of incredibly fun and freeing things that I’ve been doing this semester that I figured I should talk about.


I turned 21 in February! I don’t talk a lot about party culture on the blogs just because I find it kind of weird, maybe a little jarring. I prefer to keep my blog life and, I guess, like, party/hookup culture life separate, but I figured in an effort of maintaining my brand of transparency I’d just touch on it a little bit.

I love going to parties! I love going to bars! I love going to clubs! And I’ve been doing a LOT of that this semester. There’s a common club that a lot of college students go to particularly on Thursday nights so usually my weekends consist of me going out with a bunch of friends on Thursday, having a great time, and then going to other bars/frats/clubs on Friday and Saturday.

It’s been horrible for my sleep schedule and for my homework schedule, but I cope by telling myself the ever so common mantra “It’s senior spring, you deserve this.” I’ve been going to new frats that I’ve never really been to before and meeting so many new people which is also really nice. Before, I spent the majority of my time at ZBT for obvious reasons, so it’s been so fun branching out and seeing the different frats around MIT.

Spring Break

For spring break, I went to visit my family on Big Island in Hawai’i. I took this as an opportunity to really cool down and learn about myself and try and center myself post-breakup. I played a LOT of Hades and wore a lot of cute bathingsuits and really just bonded with my family. I also ate SO much delicious food.

I’m really grateful to have such a good relationship with my family and this trip honestly was so monumental to my healing process. I heard so many fun family stories like how my aunt and uncle met, embarrassing stories from my mom’s childhood, and just learning about island life in general. It felt so very peaceful to escape my life for a bit and just live like an Animal Crossing resident on the Big Island.

Crying in H-Mart Signing

I also met Michelle Zauner, aka Japanese Breakfast, aka author of best-selling novel Crying in H-Mart. I read this book in one sitting on the plane and sobbed my eyes out and it was such a healing, beautiful experience to really just throw myself into a book like that. So it felt fitting to go to a Q&A and book signing event with her and go through all those big, big feelings again. I also then took myself out on a solo date of sorts and got ramen and contemplated life.

open book with a signature from michelle zauner with the note 'Cami! Sorry for making you cry :('


I got new piercings! Maybe a stereotypical breakup thing to do. But I got my second lobes done. I plan to get another helix piercing on my right ear and then an industrial on my left and maybe some tattoos.

I went with my friend Jess, and she got her first helix!

girl angling her ear to the camera to show off a piercing on her second lobe


On a total whim, I went to Atlanta! And I saw my Salesforce friends and some friends I met online, as well as Julie, an MIT and dphie alum! I toured Georgia Tech, went to the aquarium, ate really good food, and just shot the shit with all my friends.

I essentially filled them in on the giant emotional crisis I’ve been going on since February which was really just like, relieving to get their input and tell people about my problems. And of course hear about their lives, too.

Perhaps an unpopular opinion but Atlanta reminded me a lot of Los Angeles, with like, its horrible traffic, bad infrastructure, and need for cars. It was weird.


On yet ANOTHER total whim, I bought tickets to Coachella and I went with bestie Emma and her family. I will admit I originally bought this ticket to see Frank Ocean, who then proceeded to drop out of the festival while I was on my way to the airport, BUT…

Nonetheless, this weekend was exactly what I needed. I described it to friends as full-on Dorian Gray hedonism. Pure self-indulgence, satisfaction, etc. in one sinful three day festival. A lot of unhealthy habits, for sure, that I won’t delve into too much on the blogs. But it was so fun and lovely to just be in full concert mode for 72 hours. I feel like I’m most myself when I’m at a concert, surrounded by people singing songs loudly. It makes me just so aware of my…my human-ness? I guess. And so it was just so lovely to be in that state all weekend.

I saw so many fantastic artists, namely Blackpink, Bad Bunny, Rosalía, Kali Uchis, fourtet, Skrillex, fredagain, Willow Smith, and so many more. It was great. I would 100% go again next year if Emma and her family went again.

It was also so sweet to just have a weekend with me and Emma and her family. I’ve known Emma since CPW and I just love being around her all the time, I think she balances me out so well. She so easily made friends with so many people at Coachella and I know my experience wouldn’t have been the same at all without her.

I am also so grateful to her family for taking me in as a last minute straggler!


Springfest!!!! It’s here again!!! I did not help plan it this year because I am simply too hosed BUT this year we had the lovely lovely Doechii perform. I absolutely pissed and shit myself when I found out the artist for this year was Doechii because I listed her as my main inspiration for rappers for my rap class that I’m taking this year so it was absolutely surreal to see her on stage. Her stage presence and just command of the stage is truly something incredible. I adore her with all my heart.

She also grabbed my phone and filmed with it during the concert, and also I got the setlist at the end of the concert.

Life made.